Moisture Detection

waterMoisture detection is not something to take lightly.  Moisture in a home or business can cause damage to the structure and cause health conditions.  The use of proper equipment to analyze the structure is key when assessing damage.   At CSM Construction we use moisture meters and thermal infrared imaging systems.  With these two pieces of equipment we are able to pinpoint the damage without penetrating the structure and assess the means of extraction or remediation.

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If the damage is caught at an early stage other equipment such as the injectidry system may be able to remove it without serious demo being involved which in turn saves the client and insurance thousands of dollars.

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Injectidry manufactures a revolutionary hard surface floor drying machines along with wall and ceiling.  These high pressure machines are capable of drying 3/4″ hardwood floors, grout on tile and natural stone floors.



CSM CAT Response Unit

CSM CAT Response Unit